Sunday, 23 April 2017

Punkmon 1 - Bulbapunk (Pixel ATC #1)


This is Bulbapunk, a Pokemon of the rare Punk type. It is not easy to catch Punk types, since they don’t want to to have anything to do with the “Pokemon establishment”. They are not very popular among trainers, because they don’t have any special abilities and refuse to fight against other Pokemon, except if their life is threatened so much that they have to fight. They also don’t evolve, another expression of their rejection of the Pokemon system, though occasionally, some Punk Pokemon decide to join this system after all (for example, this Bulbapunk would become a Bulbasaur). Some trainers consider catching a Punk type Pokemon and making it fight a great challenge they want to master.

Part 1 of my Punkmon series, Pixel Artist Trading Card #1.

You can see an animated version of this on my DeviantArt account:

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