Friday, 22 May 2015

Comic Introduction: Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective

Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective

Urusei Yatsura     I never intended to draw and write my own Sherlock Holmes stories, you could say that this comic was nothing more than an accident.
Ranma 1/2      In summer 2014, I was just thinking about a character that I wanted to create, a character that thinks like me and has the same humour as me, but wouldn't be me. I wanted this character for another, yet not created comic, which I would draw some time later.
     Suddenly, I had the image of a young pale woman with long black hair and psychic abilities in my mind. I just called her Sherlock Holmes, and a whole bunch of ideas for stories rushed into my head. And so, Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective was born.
     Of course I was/am concerned about legal issues and copyrights. As far as I know, the character Sherlock Holmes and the stories about him written before 1920 by Arthur C. Doyle are now in public domain. Besides that, I don't even earn money with my comic.
Maison Ikkoku     Unfortunaley, I haven't read all the Sherlock Holmes stories by Doyle yet, so my comic is rather influenced by the TV shows, mainly BBC's Sherlock and Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes. But these aren't the only influences for my comic, as you can see in my text here. In the future, I will try to tell how these series/comics/other things and persons influenced my comic and its characters.
     You can read Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective on Smackjeeves:

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