Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Making Of: A page for "Romeo & Juliet - Till Undeath Do Us Part"

Today I show you how I draw a page for my manga Romeo & Juliet - Till Undeath Do Us Apart". You can read the manga on Inkblazers if you have a subscription.

Read the manga here:

These are the materials that I will use for the page: markers, fountain pens, pencil, copic markers.
Giving the page it's bleed and some orientation for me.
Rough sketching of the panels.
Rough sketching of the position of the characters and the speech balloons.
"Proper" sketching of the characters, it still looks quite chaotic, though.
After inking with the fountain pens. There are some mistakes, but what are image manipulation programs for..?
After erasing the pencil sketches, it looks really neat.
"Colouring" with black markers and grey copic markers. Using traditional materials ends now for a page.
After scanning the page, I make the black on the page really look like black with the colour tool.
Cleaning up stains from scanning, covering the mistakes and redoing the panel outlines so that they are really straight, because even with a ruler I can't make proper straight lines.
Colouring the background with black. After this, the speech ballons get filled, the page gets cut to a smaller size and the page is finished!

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