Sunday, 30 November 2014

Making Of Comic: A page for "Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective"


Hi there!

This time I will show you how I draw and edit a page for my comic Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective. This comic is a bit different from my manga Romeo & Juliet - Till Undeath Do Us Part, because here I use Copic marker for the grey tones.You can have a look at the Making Of a page of Romeo & Juliet here:  

Sherlock Holmes Ghost Detective is in plain black and white. You can read the comic here on Inkblazers:

Making Of Comic - Preparing the page

I prepare my traditional materials that I will use for this page: two markers, two fountain pens with differently sized tips, a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, a fineliner from Muji  and, of course, paper.

Making of Comic - Orientation and bleeding lines on the paper

I start dividing the page surface into four quarters, so that I have some kind of orientation where to draw the panels, the characters, etc. And lines on the edges for the bleed.

Making of Comic - Rough sketching

It looks like a mess, but this here is the rough sketching of the panels and the characters.

Making of Comic - Proper sketching

Here you see the properly sketched characters and panels with I drew with a ruler, and the speech bubbles including text, too. But it still looks like a mess XD .

Making of Comic - After inking and erasing

This is what the page looks like when I finished inking and erasing the sketches under the ink. Now the page is ready to be scanned.

Making of Comic - Editing with GIMP

Here, I'm editing the page the with GIMP. I fix mistakes, clean up any stains from scanning, redo the panel outlines, etc.

Making of Comic - Adding screen tone

I normally don't use screen tone, but this time, I wasn't very content with the line in the upper left corner of the page, so I used one of my self-made screen tone with lines. The page is finished after lettering and cutting the edges.

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