Friday, 16 September 2011

Sherlock Bits #2 - Unleash your imagination

 It's quite disturbing that Moriarty could POSSIBLY think like a fangirl... And I don't know which one is more evil.

You only understand this comic when you know (about) fan fictions. If you don't know (about) them, stay like this, it's even better for your mental sanity...

No, I've actually never read a "Sherlock" fan fiction like I described here, but I know THERE IS ONE, SOMEWHERE OUT THERE ON THE WEB. I know of too many f****d up fan fictions from other series, so I unfortunately can't imagine there isn't one like this.

And yes, I also know there are some good (non-slash) fan fictions about "Sherlock", but it's not that easy to find them among all those love stories between Sherlock and John. Or Sherlock and Lestrade. Or Sherlock and Moriarty. Or Mycroft and Lestrade.

And yes, I know that I'm writing some kind of fan fictions here myself. And no, rape is of course not funny.

If you can't read the text, please follow this link and click on the comic:
DISCLAIMER: Characters (c) BBC/Arthur Conan Doyle // Character design made after their respective actors // Art and idea (c) me. I don't earn any money with this.

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